Simple, slick and so efficient

is a web service that lets businesses follow up on their employees and operations, in real time.

, a vital asset

It’s the perfect tool for managers who need to stay in touch with their employees, suppliers and clients, freeing them up from time-consuming, in-field constraints.

Built to the human scale, provides written proof backed by GPS location that a task was authorized by your firm before it’s completed by your staff, and then validated by your client in real time, to their total satisfaction.

Objectives & Task Monitoring

Rigorous operations monitoring

Centralized administrative data

Coordinated in-field operations

Tracking of employee team deployments

Validation of work completion, in real time

meets technology’s toughest challenges and today’s modern business values ‒ unpretentiously. I’m finally unveiling this app that was key to growing my family business.”

Sébastien Rouleau, founding president

allows users to monitor multiple completion phases remotely ‒ from employee task assignment and bill payment to in-field operations monitoring in real time

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